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Beach Day in Denmark: Amager Beach Park

We have arrived in Copenhagen! It is (mostly) sunny, warm, and breezy, so what better thing to do than go to the beach! Bicycling is pretty much the way around the city and there are several beaches within a 1/2 hour bike from our apartment. We chose Amager Beach Park because it seemed a little outside the city and is popular among locals. It was a relatively smooth ride from Osterbro to Amager, but not exactly scenic—more industrial.

We went on a bright and clear Sunday, so understandably the beach was packed. We found our little spot to lay our towels and then attempted to dip our toes in the blue-green water. It was ice cold! Not surprising…but the locals didn’t seem to mind. There is a small beach stand with delicious ice cream and other summer snacks. Amager is a man-made beach and doesn’t exactly feel natural, surrounded by new construction condos, but it was lovely nonetheless. It was a relaxing day to look across to Sweden and take in the scenery.

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